Sunday, 3 July 2011

Dominique Strauss-Kahn

When DSK was arrested I was walking in the Isle of Wight with a group of French friends. Without exception they all (even two who said they preferred Sarkozy to DSK - so much from French rationality) agreed that he had probably been set up. There was even a suggestion in one of the papers that a UMP apparatchik had reported the incident before it had actually happened.

Speculation that DSK may now run as socialist candidate for the French Presidency is surely premature. After all, the charges still stand and he has yet to be tried and may yet be found guilty.

If the charges ore withdrawn that could be the worst possible outcome for all. As the Guardian pointed out when the alleged rape was first reported, whereas in law the accused is innocent until proved guilty, and only if the accused is proved guilty does a punishment follow,in politics the mere fact of the accusation caries its punishment.

Whatever the outcome I doubt if DSK can recover from this episode. The only positive result could be an improvement in the high-flying Frenchmen's attitude towards women and their concept of sexual "conquest."

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