Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Housing and the economy

The following  facts and opinions were stated on the Guardian's letters page yesterday (28/08/2012)

Last November there were 279 000 long-term empty properties.  Councils should be supported by the government to provide loans to improve such properties so that they can be lived in and let.  Cllr Andrew Judge (Labour.)

Less than a week ago, housebuilders were saying they already had planning approval to cover house building for the next five years or so at the current rate.  Rev Dr Jeyarajan Anketell

Government data shows (sic) that  in 2008 there was enough brownfield land suitable for  housing development, much of it in the south, to build almost 1.5m new homes.  Kate Houghton, CPRE

What is need is for central government to allow local authorities to borrow funds to build new, affordable council housing , without the threat of being forced to sell these council houses at prices below their market value.  Rev Dr Anketell.

With such favourable facts and simple solutions available available, what is the problem?  Implement these ideas and we both solve the housing shortage and start to revive the economy.  Deux coups avec une pierre, as the French would put it.

I am also pleased to note that Cllr Judge (Labour) favours the Liberal Democrat policy of a local land tax. 

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