Tuesday 25 May 2010

Chemical reaction

Already the alleged chemistry between Nick Clegg and David Cameron appears to be having its effect, and not to the advantage of Liberal Democrat policies and priorities. Clegg is reported as "having come round to the argument for action to bring down (public) spending this year . " (Guardian 24/05/10). Surly the correct repose for Liberal Democrats in government to this crazy policy of cutting public expenditure in the middle of a recession is to point out that:
  • we are junior partners in this coalition
  • our view is that expenditure cuts should not take place until economic recovery is assured
  • we are forced to accept these premature cuts as one of the compromises of coalition
  • it is our hope that the recession will not be prolonged as a result, as our priority is to ease the already high level of unemployment, especially among the young.
Vince Cable's citing of the Greek situation as the excuse for the change of heart seems a bit feeble to me: the Greek situation existed well before the election.

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