Thursday 17 June 2010

CRB times three

Child protection charities are warning the government not to go too far in scaling back the vetting of adults working with children. Here is a simple change which would make the system less cumbersome and less expensive.

At the moment I have three CRB "clearances," one because I recently did some teaching at a local school, one because I am a licensed Reader in the C of E and occasionally take services and preach sermons at church, and one because I am a member of a Scout Fellowship, where my duties so far have extended to being in charge of the chocolate fountain at the Beavers' Fund Day, and guarding the lemonade and biscuits during a St George's Day service.

Each "clearance" costs the organisation £64, and must be a nice little earner for someone. To allow a clearance gained for one situation to apply to another would cut down the cost and bureaucracy without, as far as I can see, much adding to the danger to children.


  1. Surely you're not saying that someone at the CRB should lose their job?

  2. No, they could be transferred to more constructive activities. There's plenty of outstanding public sector work needs doing. How about chasing tax dodgers?