Friday 8 April 2011

Happy birthday keynesianliberal

Keynesianliberal is one today. In the year since the first post on 8th April, 2010, in the early stages of the general election campaign, there have been 176 posts, just under one every two days. I haven't re-read them all in detail but I can't think of anything that I've writen that I'd like to retract and very little that I'd like to amend. In partiular, I stand by the very first post, which has been the theme of much of the rest of the blog: that there is no economic crisis and the wild exageration of the seriousness of the public finances is a Troy excuse for reducing the size of the state.

I have recently discovered a "statistics" link which has revealed some surprises for me. In the year there have been 11 727 "pageviews" or about 30 a day (although that is no indication as to how may of the "viewers" have actually read the page.) Over 4 000 of the "views" are from the UK, but almost as many, 3 883 from the US. Sadly only 244 from France and hardly any from Australia.

The most "viewed" page is that of 28th Novemeber 2010, entitled "An Airy-Fairy Measure." It is difficult to understand this as the subject was the feebleness of David Cameron's proposals for measuring national well-being by simply asking people how happy they are instead of using solid statistics such as unemployment and poverty rates, suicides and mental illness, the Gini coefficient of equality etc. I can only suppose that "airy-fariry" is code for something else of which I'm not aware. In pre-politically correct days "fairies" was a pejoritive term for homosexuals. Perhaps that's it.

My thanks to my followers and reqular contributers, especially Chris, Jaime (though I haven't heard from him for a while) and "Anonymous" (who lets slip his name from time to time.) I shall continue to post as regularly as I can, and would dearly like to be noticed by "Libdemvoice" and get into the big league.


  1. Happy birthday!

    This is the big league! - I don't want you to lose your distinctiveness and get relegated to becoming just another LDV clone!

  2. Happy Birthday also Peter. The things you write need saying. The Lib Dems definitely need voices like yours.

  3. Thanks, Gentlemen, for your good wishes and encouragement.