Friday 21 October 2011

Church puts Mammon before God.

When Giles Fraser, Canon Chancellor of St Paul's Cathedral, asked the police rather than the protesters to "move on" last week I felt proud to be a member of the Church of England. Now, apparently, the Church has changed its mind and the Dean of St Paul's, Graeme Knowles, has asked the protesters to leave. He is reported as citing "health and safety" as a reason, but is also concerned that access for potential visitors could curtailed (and in half-term week they can be a nice little earner.)

As the protesters seem a reasonable and peaceful lot it should not be beyond the wit of the two causes to negotiate an impediment-free passage so that the Cathedral can collect its whacking entrance fee.

There is little point in the Church reciting, or in St Paul's case, singing beautifully, every day about "putting down the mighty from their seats and exalting the humble and meek" if, when a group unites to try to do exactly that, it is they, rather than "the rich" who are "sent empty away."

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