Saturday, 17 November 2012

Tax avoiders and trials.

Lord McAlpine has apparently settled out of court for his £185 000 damages and costs from the BBC for the alleged libel. However, the BBC  is apparently only the head of a "very long list" (Guardian 16th November) of others including  ITV and the wife of the Speaker, whom Lord McAlpine is likely to sue.  If any of these defend their case they will make us of a judge, courtroom, ushers and other officials, all financed by we taxpayers.

If Wikipedia is to be believed, as noted in my comment below, (Self-harming BBC) Lord McAlpine has registered himself as a non-domicile in order to avoid paying British taxes.  Surely in such cases it should be possible to deny the use of our our facilities, legal and otherwise,  to those who  deliberately avoid paying their share for them.

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