Monday, 29 June 2015

Liberal Democrat Leadership:

Although Liberal Democrat Headquarters had no difficulty in contacting me when sending out numerous requests for money during the General Election campaign, unfortunately I seem to have slipped from thier list when they sent out information on the leadership hustings.  Hence I missed the Farron-Lamb dual in Leeds a couple of weeks ago.  However, those who witnessed that, and others, tell me that in policy matters there is not much to choose between them.

That being the case I have cast my vote for Tim Farron on the grounds that:

1.  Farron  is by far the better communicator.  Lamb, when I've heard him on the radio,  always strikes me as a little dull.

2. Farron kept his pledge and voted against the rise in tuition fees.  Since our major problem is to regain trust, then clearly he  has the advantage in trustworthiness.

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