Monday, 14 December 2015

How open is "Open Labour"?

A non-factional faction called "Open Labour" has been created within the  Labour Party to encourage open discussion between the other factions as to how the left can progress without in-fighting and back-biting.

 Fine as afar as it goes.  It is perfectly obvious to we outside observers that by concentrating their fury on each other rather than the Tories,  Labour's leading lights are merely entrenching the Tories in power. They should stop squabbling and get behind their democratically elected leader who has succeeded in catching a progressive wind amongst the electorate.

But just how open is this new group within the party? Will  they be open to working with the Liberal Democrats, Greens, and other progressive forces in British politics - even the SNP, which is pretty progressive at the moment?

If the answer is "Yes"  then there is a real chance of bringing the Conservative hegemony to and end.  But if they stick to Labour's traditional attitude, that they and they alone have a monopoly of  wisdom on how things ought to be and how to get there, and the rest of us should get off their turf,  then we are doomed to the continued dismemberment of much of what is civilised in our society for decades to come

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