Friday 19 February 2016

Jeremy Corbyn spot on.

If Jeremy Corbyn has been correctly reported he has said that what David Cameron should really be arguing for  in his negotiations with the other EU leaders is: " democratisation, workers' rights, an end to austerity and a halt to the privatisation of public services."

Well, one wouldn't expect a Troy to be arguing for those, but Corbyn has clearly defined a constructive alternative.  According to the report he goes on to say: "I want a Europe that is one of social justice, that is one that is working together.  I don't want to see one that is only based on a free market.  It has to be based on the rights of people all across Europe."

Well, I can campaign with enthusiasm for all of that, and so, I suspect, can most if not all Liberal Democrats.  Here is a vision worth fighting for.

I cannot understand why the press, including my beloved Guardian, along with half his own party, persist in describing Corbyn as "unelectable" a visionary idealist  "away with the fairies" and without a practical proposal to his name.  The priorities listed above are a refreshing alternative to the alternative  narrow-mindedness verging on xenophobia, and make him the person at the moment best placed to lead a rainbow campaign for a fairer  more   open and more tolerant future.

Liberal Democrat leaders should be loud in proclaiming that these are our priorities too.

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