Monday 28 March 2016

The Easter Monday psalm

The psalm (62) set for Easter Monday in Thomas Cranmer's 1559 Prayer Book  contains the words (1559 spelling*)

". . .their delyght is in lyes; they geue good woordes with their mouth, but cursse with their harte."

The original psalm was probably composed  over a thousand years ago and written in Hebrew, but it could easily apply to our present government, so skilled in saying one thing and doing another. viz:

  • They say they believe in devolution to local government, but take away provision of  education, one of local government's main functions;
  •  they said there would be "no top down re-organisation" of the NHS, which would be "safe in  their hands" but they re-organise it, apparently in preparation for further privatisation, mismanage it and starve it of funds;

  • The say they want to maintain and even enhance Britain's international prestige, but but attack, starve and dismember the one institution, the BBC, which genuinely is "the best in the world and the envy of the world;"

  • and of course, they say "we're all in his together" yet take away from the poor, including the disabled, and cut taxes for the rich.

They and we should take heed of the warning given later in the same psalm:

"O trust not in wrong and robbery, geue not youreselues unto vanitie; yf ryches encrease, sette not your harte upon them."

* In the Prayer Book of 1662 (still in use in some enlightened churches) the spelling had become;

(v4). . .their delight is in lies; they give good words with their mouth, but curse with their heart.


(v10) O trust not in wrong and robbery, give not yourselves unto vanity : if riches increase, set not your heart upon them.

The latest version (Common Worship, 2000) has :

(v4) . .lies are their chief delight; they bless with their mouth but curse with their heart.


(v10) Put no trust in oppression; in robbery take not empty pride; though wealth increase set not your heart upon it.

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