Monday, 18 April 2016

Political dissembling

I have just received the campaign leaflet from my local Conservative councillor, who is seeking re-election to our council, currently Labour led.

The leaflet has a large headline, in blue, in which he claims to be "PROTECTING [us] FROM LABOUR CUTS"

In his personal message to us he again refers to "Labour's cuts."

Surely there cannot be a single elector able to read and write who is not aware that the cuts are imposed on local government by the Conservative national government.  Even some Conservative  councillors, (including the prime minister's mother) are protesting.

This distortion of the truth in our councillor's leaflet (and maybe many more) does credit neither to the candidate nor the Conservative Party.  More seriously, it is damaging to politics itself.

Most people reading it will realise it is a bit of sharp practice, shrug,  and vote, or more likely in local government elections, not vote, for their usual party anyway.  All this distorted claim has done is  further discredit  the democratic political process and further reduce our faith in our politicians.

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