Tuesday 8 November 2016

Please, America, please. . .

Please, Americans, please turn out and vote for Mrs Clinton and save the world.

I know she's not ideal but she's better than the alternative.

Don't be fooled by the opinion polls giving her a slight edge. " Remain" had a slight edge in our Brexit vote right until the counts started, and then we woke up in shock.

I understand turnout is normally quite low - around 50%.

So why not take a sympathetic friend to help clinch the deal?

If you and she/he want to give the establishment a kick in the teeth, do it via the Senators and Congressmen, or the State elections.  A bit rough on them I know, but better than a maverick with his finger on the nuclear button.



  1. If there's one thing likely to make Americans vote one way, it's foreigners weighing in trying to get them to vote the other. Remember Operation Clark County?

  2. The pro-Trump voters might take that view but the pro-Clintons will surely appreciate the international importance of the result, and be glad that we're interested.