Saturday 2 June 2018

Could David Lammy lead "Stop Brexit"?

Three welcome initiatives to put a stop to Brexit have emerged this week.

That billionaire George Soros,and other wealthy individuals are about to launch and finance  campaign. There's to be  a "Left against Brexit" tour to promote the left wing case for a pro-EU position.  The "tour" wil involve trade union leaders and the Green Party MP Caroline Lucas.  On this morning's news we hear of  16 London MPs who have written  to Jeremy Corbyn emphasising the damage Brexit will do to London and calling  for Labour to support a second referendum.
As far as I know there is, as yet, no co-ordination between these groups, and any others that might be hiding in the political undergrowth
In addition to co-ordination, what will add strength and momentum (oops, do Corbynistas have a monopoly on this term?) is a suitable identifiable leader.
The Soros campaign in particular  is bound to be tainted as yet another patronising attempt by successful elites to tell the disgruntled "left behind" what's good for them. We need someone not just backed by informed opinion and money,  but also with popular appeal.  
Sadly front runners so far, such as Tony Blair, Ken Clark, even David Miliband and Nick Clegg, are seen as "yesterdays' men."

So my nomination, based on his passionate attack on the Tory front bench re the the treatment of  Windrush migrants, and his masterful put-down of Jacob Rees-Mogg on Radio 4's Any Questions (19th May) goes to David Lammy, MP
Mr Lammy's humble origins and minority background added  to the credibility of his enthusiasm for remaining in the EU will greatly enhance his appeal to many of those who voted for Brexit as a protest against a system which they feel  is not working well for them.
I've no idea how to attempt to create a groundswell of support on social media to persuade Mr Lammy to take on this roll.

Please would someone who does know take up the challenge and "save"  Britain from self-inflicted harm?.

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