Thursday 24 October 2019

United Nations Day

Today 24th October, is United Nations day, though you wouldn't know it from the British media.  I have as yet seen no reference to it in my daily newspaper, nor heard any mention of it  on the BBC  news bulletins.  If you'd like further and better particulars they can be found here and here.

I believe it's now Labour Party policy that we should have more public holidays, so, if and when this policy is implemented I suggest that one of them should be UN Day and, not only that, but it should  be the actual date and not just the nearest Monday, which is the unfortunate British custom for public holidays.

It has been a long standing suggestion from some Tories any extra holiday (or a replacement for May Day, which some of them would  like to see abolished) should be Trafalgar Day (21st October, commemorating the British naval victory over the French and Spanish fleets in 1805) or some such event in our "glorious island history."

Such backward-looking thinking is typical of our Right Wing, and of the thinking of many of the Brexit supporters, which I've seen described as "a desire to recreate an imaginary past."

Admittedly UN Day commemorates a past event, the coming into operation of the Charter in1945, in the hope of establishing a world rules-based order and avoiding the horrors of the wars of the earlier part of the century.  It has not, of course been even moderately  successful so far, and its current structure reflects the perceived geopolitical power structure of the 1940s rather than those of today. 

Nevertheless the Charter remains "our shared moral anchor," as Antonio Guterres, the current Secretary -General puts it.  (I wonder how many people in Britain recognise his name?)

Once the Brexit morass is sorted out we need to "Lift up [our] eyes unto the hills" and refocus our concerns onto creating a world  without wars and poverty, but in which everyone can enjoy their lives in peace, sustainable plenty, and liberty.  (And also discover a way of stopping Microsoft, or whoever is responsible printing everything in italics when you don't want it to).


  1. Trafalgar.A British Victory? Nelsons flagship AND other ships had crews made up from ALL nationalities NOT just Brits.WW1 and 2 was won by A LOT OF NATIONS FIGHTING TOGETHER> NOT JUST BRITS! Brexiteers live in an illusion spread thru the right wing media propaganda Most people today were not even alive when the war was on and will not have any idea of what ,why the UN exists. Whilst there is an arguement for it to be brought up to date it does a lot of useful jobs. Before WW2 The League of Nations tried to keep the peace. Countries left it cos they would not 'play the game' WW2 was not far behind as its unifying power declined.Is that the way we want the UN to go today?

    1. Thanks Nigel. That expands very appropriately the points I am making. We are and always have been connected with, and often dependent on, others. Going it alone is not and never was an option. Structures which promote international co-operation, such as the EU and the UN, are civilised and constructive organisations designed to prepare a better future for us all.

  2. I note the UN has just elected Venezuela to its Human Rights Committee.

    That's definitely the sign of a functional organisation.

  3. 24 October every year marks the United Nations Day. In 2019 also , the day was celebrated while some writers have been noted to urge the global body to add new members to Security Council , a body empowered to take significant decisions on global affairs. This Vedic astrology writer supports the demand for addition to make it more representative and effective , while taking this opportunity to alert the UN Body to more care and appropriate strategy against likely grave dangers ahead in soon coming year 2020. One of grave dangers with which the UN may have to deal with in April to June in coming year 2020 is likely threat of WW3 and its strongest chance of taking shape during these months , particularly during May-June 2020. Further , it may be apt to take care on sea or ocean where something dangerous can erupt , may probably be relating to oil-gas or other valuable products in sea.