Friday 3 July 2020

Liberation day - or danger?

It is becoming increasingly clear that the clique now in charge of 10 Downing Street, though first class campaigners, are not much good at responsible government.

In campaigning they won the Brexit Referendum against all the odds, and then an 80 seat majority in the Commons.

Sadly they use the same techniques in government as proved so successful in these campaigns: wild promises, exaggerated ( world beating) language,  distortions of the truth, careless optimism.

The choice of tomorrow , Saturday 4th July, for an easing of social restraints, is a prime example of this: a well-known holiday date, and a weekend - an attempt to launch the end of "lockdown" with a bang, when a whimper would be far more appropriate.

I wonder if any of the "blue light" emergency services, police, fire, ambulance and A&E departments were consulted about the date?  According to this morning's news they are preparing for the sort of mayhem that they normally expect an the last weekend before Christmas, when police prepare to dampen down public disorder and hospitals expect to be cluttered up with alcohol induced accident and injuries.

And now with the added danger of further spreading the coronavirus.

The safest approach to the easing of social lockdown would surely be  to try to make it as low key as possible: certainly not a recognised holiday date, nor any weekend, not even a Monday, because people would anticipate it and splash out the day before - a Wednesday seems the most appropriate.

But no: our gung-ho government wants a festive atmosphere to revive the national spirits (and take away attention to their inadequacies.)  Good campaigning stuff, but the very opposite of good government.

And having presumably having approved the date, if not actually suggesting it in the first place, Prime Minister Johnson has the gall to appeal to us to behave responsibly.

Fortunately, the weather for tomorrow doesn't look too good.  Perhaps the Lord is on our side after all.


  1. Plays the public for mugs. Widely advertises it knowing that pent up people will grab an occasion to get rid of pent up stress,emotions (Sat night). Chaos ensues. He can then blame the public for being irresponsible take further blame for the virus not going away.

    1. He can then blame the public for being irresponsible

      I keep seeing this 'It's Boris's plan to plan the public' but that's not Boris's style at all, is it? I can't think of any instance of him berating or laying blame on the public for anything. That's more the style of the Remainers, who blame the public for voting the wrong way.

      Boris's style is always to be positive — which is why he's struggled on recent occasions when there's been nothing much positive to say, but even then, he hasn't tended to lapse into being negative so much as just retreat into positive-sounding bluster.

      All the times before where people have pushed at the edges of the regulations — or in the case of the Black Lives Matter protests have totally disregarded them — Boris's response has been first and foremost to emphasise how most people were still following the regulations.

      I just can't imagine him planning to come out and say, 'We're going back into lockdown and it's your fault, you stupid people.' That would be completely out of character for him. He's a politician who likes people and who wants to be liked by them. He wouldn't plan to make himself a hate figure by telling people off.

      I think the people who claim this is Boris's plan are projecting their own attitudes — their superciliousness, their disgust at the unwashed masses who do things like go for pints and had the temerity to vote the vote way — onto Boris, when in fact he doesn't share those attitudes at all. His flaws are totally different flaws.

    2. Happily the poor t= weather plus natural caution n thepart of most peopleseem to have allowed theunlok weekend to pass without tomuch avverse incidint, though we must wait to see if a spike inthe diesease appears in a couple of weeks or so.

      I accept there's a case for Johnson simply being upbeat rather than plotting but can't say the same of Cummings, the manipulator behind the throne. A lot of government manoeuvring seems to be designed to pass the buck for their lamentable performance, to scientists, PHE or Matt Hancock

    3. Happily the poor t= weather plus natural caution n thepart of most peopleseem to have allowed theunlok weekend to pass without tomuch avverse incidint

      Yes, the disappointment in the media and on Remain Twitter was palpable.

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