Friday 4 September 2020

Rule Britannia: the wong U-turn


Yesterday the "powers that be" caved in to the indignation of the right-wing press and the  words of "Rule, Britannia" and "Land of Hope and Glory" will, after all, be sung at the BBC's "Last Night of the Proms. "

 Sadly in the same week, a genuinley damaging move to Britain's reputation went ahead, and the  Department for  International Development, the record of which on helping to reduce World poverty is genuinely "world beating," was demoted to being subsidiary of the Foreign Office.  

This, in spite of the protests and petitions of the just about everybody concerned with the elimination of World Poverty, both in this country and abroad.

We have become a La-La Land in which rose-coloured  fiction about the past  triumphs over facts about the present..


  1. We are becoming a fascist state sleepwalking into it cos Covid 19 is on everybodies mind.

  2. "Sleepwalking" is the word. It is encouraging that the Labour Party has at last caught up with the Tories in the polls, but in any fair assessment of their performance support for this government should be down to single figures. You're right, the electorate is asleep.

    1. You're right, the electorate is asleep

      Or… maybe they're awake and just disagree with you?

    2. Maybe, but the opinion polls show they are just beginning to stir