Thursday 24 December 2020

Boris pulls it off . . .

 . . . or, of you like, "brings home the bacon."

After months of:  "a deal is unlikely,"  "the EU's demands are completely unrealistic," "Britain will thrive  with no deal," suddenly with a flourish, a deal is pulled out of the hat.

1. Carefully choreographed  to be announced this Christmas Eve as a present along with those  from Santa.
2.  With the details not yet available so that all we can do is rejoice at the achievement of the hitherto unlikely if not impossible.
2. Carefully rebranded as "Australia -style" to disguise the fact that, when we do see the details, it's a very thin thing and does not cover the main part of the UK economy - services.
3.  On the day before the only day of the year when there are no newspapers, so the commentariat  is muted and there's less chance of informed analysis to reveal of how meagre it is.
4.  Followed by a Sunday, a Bank Holiday, and a week that has for many become a holiday period,  so most minds are focused on making the best of the fun available.
5.  So that by the time we get back to "normal" working and criticising conditions,  (effectively 4th January), the caravan will have moved on.
You have to hand it to them.

I bet Dominic Cummings had this timetable on his events planner long before his services were dispensed with.
Given the Dailly Mail's headline today, "Hallelujah, it's a Merry Brexit,"  and the Daily Express with its front page picture of their flaxen haired hero surrounded by the bold print "Brexit is Done 'Johnson will feel that Cummings has earned his £40 000 bonus.
Merry Christmas in manipulated Britain.

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