Friday 12 March 2021

Rewardng the medics: France shows the way.

 This informations is taken from a letter in this morning's Guardian from Dominica Jewell of Bazoches-au-Houlem, France

Last  November medial staff were awarded bonus payments of between €1 000 and €1 500 for their work on the pandemic.

They have now been awarded a pay rise of !0%

International staff have been offered, free of charge, French citizenship.

In the UK they got a clap. a pay cut, and, if "international," the Foreign Office's hostile environment.

I am not proud.


  1. I'm waiting for the government to offer the nurses 2% and proudly announce that they have DOUBLED their original proposal, and the nurses should now be very grateful.

  2. If he does I'm sure the supportive press will hail it as a triumph of compassion.I've just looked up the current figures for Deaths per 100 000.

    UK: 188
    France: 134
    Germany: 88
    Canada: 60
    Australia: 3.6
    N Zealand: 0.5

    High up the league of world losers rather than world beaters.Yet Johnson et al are enjoying a bounce in the polls becasue at last they've go something right, in the distribution of the vaccine. We are a dysfunctional nation.