Sunday 11 July 2021

Out of the mouths of the Brexiteers

 To mark the firth anniversary of the  vote to leave the EU the New European newspaper (June 10 to 16 2021) published pictures of the leading  Brexitieers and a key promise or prediction  each had made.  The list deserves to be ingrained in the public’s mind.  Here it is:


Boris Johnson:              The cost of getting out wold be virtually nil.

David Davis:                 There will be no downside to Brexit, only a  considerable upside.

Jacob Rees-Mogg:       This could be a golden age.

Ian Duncan-Smith:        This is not a gamble.

Andrea Leadsom:         The sunlit uplands are on the horizon.

Michael Gove:              We hold all the cards and we can choose the path we want.

Tim Martin:                   The scare stories regarding staff are untrue.

Daniel Hannan:             Nobody is talking about threatening our place in the single market.

Chris Grayling:              We will maintain a free-flowing border at Dover.

Lord Digby Jones:         Not one job in Britain is at risk. 

Dominic Raab:              We’ll get a great result our of Brexit.  We’ll also unite the  country.

Nigel Farage:                We would be substantially better off not being in the EU.

Kate Hoey:                   Brexit won’t hurt Northern Ireland at all – it will only brighten its future.

Of course any attempt to raise these matters now either with the perpetrators of these statements  or those who believed them will be met not by constructive explanations, apologies or excuses, but by jibes that we're "romoaners," poor losers and "don't we understand that laeve means leave.?

We have accepted  a dangerous level of political debate in which those who make predictions and promises no longer feel the need to account for them. We have adopted the "management speak" of "moving on" and "going forwards."  It is a very dangerous state for a democracy to be in.  Let's hope it doesn't last long. 

(I have no dea why the typing system insists on underlining everything and continues the allignent used in the list.  It defies all my attempts  to stop it doing it. 


  1. Shall we do a list of things Remainers promised that didn't come to pass?

    I'll start us off.

    * Punishment budget

    * Immediate recession.

    * Mass unemployment

    * All the car factories would close, especially Nissan's

    * Everyone in finance would leave the City of London for Frankfurt and Paris

    * David Cameron would stay as Prime Minister

    * Super-gonorrhea

  2. Things that are now coming around
    Budget is now being fought over
    Plenty of jobs gone.Will they come back? Lorry drivers,Carers,hospitality.Take time to get them back
    Loss of trade .What we have got back,chicken feed.
    Nissan ,Vauxhall Batteries.State Aid Funds? Bribery?Owned by Stellantis a multi global organisation that,with inducements KEPT QUIET BY GOVNT are staying
    Finance and jobs ARE leaking away (JP Morgan for one).
    Cameron was an arrogant Etonian who should not have got us into this mess in the 1st place.Now got Johnson who is dismantling its structure for his own Trumpian dinasty.One example allowing,if goes thru CONSTRAINED PARLIAMENT company 'representatives'to 'advise' what happens ie which company will get what contract.

    Nowt wrong with sex if it is clean!?

    PS Better get a better computer system!!

  3. As Nigel Hunter points out, (thanks very much), most of the adverse effects are already taking place, though the understandable preoccupation with the pandemic means that they are not receiving the publicity they deserve.

    The error that the Remain campaign did make was to go along with the idea that Brexit would produce a "cliff edge" of economic and cultural calamities. Wiser heads, inducing Keynesianliberal, preferred the analogy of a slow puncture. Gradually the adverse effects will become apparent. They already are for thousands of EU citizens in the UK and uncertain of their futures. So far I am not personalty seriously affected, but disturbed by the news this morning that a shortage of broccoli in the shops is likely.

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