Sunday 12 September 2021


New York Twin Towers 11th November, 2001:  2977 deaths.

Resulting War on Terror (2001 to 2121)

Afghanistan:     7 000 US servicemen

                         8 000 contractors

                    100 000 civilians.

Iraq:             151 000 "violent" deaths.

Annual road deaths  in US:  38 000

 London Blitz: 43 000 civilian deaths

Korean War:   54 000 US Military 

                      227 000 Korean Military

                   Uncountable civilian deaths

Vietnam War: 282 000 US and allies military deaths

                       415 000 civilian deaths.

European  colonisation of the area of the US;  

(aka the Indigenous Holocaust, 1492 - 1992)

                      at least 100m deaths of Native Americans by military and "cowboy" action and disease.

The Harrying of the North: (Yorkshire and the neighbouring shires) ordered by William the Conqueror:  150 000 deaths (about three quarters of the then population).

Reports claim that the "the World changed" on September 11th 2001.

It seems  to me it is carrying on much as usual.

 Disclaimer: even in these information-rich days it is difficult to get systematic and comparable figures for these atrocities.  All the above figures come from what appear to be reliable sources via Google.  Some may be wildly out and I apologise for that, but the possibility does not, in my view, alter the conclusion.  I shall, of course, be happy to receive corrections.


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  1. Did you take timescales into account? Did any of the others involve nearly 3,000s death in under two hours? A non-state actor being able to kill that many people in that short a time does seem to me a significant escalation in murder capacity.