Tuesday 12 December 2023

Party Game

 In Sunday's Observer (10th September) columnist Andrew Rawnsley suggests that, if we want to liven up we Christmas parties we might try listing the Tory "screw-ups" of the past 13 years in order of seriousness.

To start the ball rolling, here is my suggestion:

                     1.     The calling and conduct of the Brexit Referendum.

2.    The “Hard Brexit” settlement.

3.    The “Austerity “ policy in central government spending.

4.     Cuts to the financing and powers of local government.

5.    Failure to heed the recommendations of the Cygnus Exercise of 2016 on preparedness for a pandemic.

6.    The lateness of the lockdowns  in the Covid emergency.

7.    The discharge of hospital patients to non-ring-fenced care homes.

8.    The VIP line for medial procurement - PPE etc.

9.    The scandal of “partygate,” along with repeated lies on this and other matters,(not least the Brexit referendum) reducing trust in and respect for government

10. Cuts in the Overseas Aid Budget

11.Contempt for domestic law – the illegal proroguing of parliament.

12. Contempt for international law.

13.The “Hostile Environment” for immigrants – leading to the humiliating Rwanda policy.

14. The botched withdrawal from Afghanistan.

15. The privatisation of the Probation Service.

16.The Lansley “ reforms” in the health service.

17. Gove’s education ”reforms,” squeezing "the Arts" from education; OFSTED bullying; the Academisation of schools.

18.  Regressive moves in the operation of democracy.  (eg Voter ID, abolition of the second preference vote in “directly elected “ mayoral elections)

19. Contempt for the civil service.

20. The scandal of Grenfell Tower.


Suggestions for additional items (eg putting more people in prison for longer but neglecting the estate) and changes in the order are welcome.



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