Monday 17 January 2011

Keynes and the Coalition

Keynes and the coalition's economic policies are in the news at the moment but unfortunately I am too busy (marking exam scripts under a tight schedule) to comment.

However, for those who'd like to follow the argument at a higher level, Vince Cable has an article in last week's New Statesman arguing that Keynes would have approved the coalition's policies. Unfortunately you can't download this article, but have to pay £3.50 for the issue, which is a lot more than I used to pay as a regular reader in the 1960s, and the This England column seems to have disappeared.

Larry Elliot has a response in today's Guardian which says there is some truth in what Cable says, but not much. The big guns, Stiglitz and David Blanchflower, will comment in next week's NS (another £3.50)

Happy reading.

PS. (21st January 2011. The cable article is now downloadable for free by clicking or here


  1. why are you marking exam scripts?

  2. I seem to be unable to refuse work when it is offered. Probably it's psychological: a desperate desire still to be thought useful. Sad really.