Sunday 9 January 2011

Loose Talk

In his younger days Jack Straw was president of the students' union at Leeds University, but his name has now been chiseled out of the "honours" board which lists those who have held that post.

Whatever Mr Straw's finer qualities, tact and diplomacy are not among them. Some years ago his complaints about Muslim women wearing the niqab or full veil provoked quite unnecessary controversy, and now his linking of the grooming of of teenage girls for sexual abuse particularly to Muslim youths of Asian origin offers an open goal to the BNP and their ilk.

Several well-informed commentators, including Martin Narey, Director of Barnardo's, claim that the problem is a general one and any racial or ethnic link is highly unlikely. Given that Jack Straw is a former Home Secretary, we need to ask why he is not better informed and why, if he thinks there is a racial or ethnic link, he didn't have it investigated when he had the power to do so.


  1. Sexual Jihad - Demoralising and Humiliating the Infidels, the religious motivation behind the Islamic pedophile networks.

  2. I've read your piece but believe that Narey, Labour MP Keith Vaz and ex-policeman Max McLeary present a more balanced view.