Tuesday 24 April 2012

Blogspot experts; please help

The method of publishing posts has changed during the pat ten days and I just cant find my way around it. Ideally I'd like to restore the status quo ante, but if that is not possible and we are stuck with this "update" can someone please explain to me: (1) How to get spaces between paragraphs: (2) How to make corrections after a "preview": (3) How to gain access to the statistics. Thanks in anticipation.


  1. 1) I just go "New Post" and type what I want and then press enter whenever I want to create a new line.

    2) You need to click on "Posts" and you should see a list of all your posts. If you hover over the title of a post you should see a menu pop up underneath giving you the option to edit it.

    3) You need to click on "Stats" and then on "Overview" - for some reason they don't show up and don't work properly until you've clicked on Overview. After that they behave normally.

  2. Thanks, George, for being the only one of 29 "hitters" to respond.

    1. As you will see from my latest post, I am still not getting the paragraphs, although they appear in the drafts.

    2. I've don what you say for the corrections and that works. Thanks. It seems that the "Preview" option is redundant.

    3. This works too, although you click "overview" first and then "stats."

    Further help on the paragraphs problem, from you or anyone else, would be appreciated.