Friday, 27 April 2012

Three quick points for Liberal Democrats

1. The vindication of Vince Cable continues apace: a) the only government figure who, the Emails reveal, resisted overtures from the Murdoch empire, and b)applauded by Will Hutton in yesterday's Guardian for "(pleading) for some sense of economic vision and direction over and above deficit reduction." 2. Simon Hughes "breaking ranks" with coalition solidarity and calling for proper procedure to be implemented to sort out Jeremy Hunt's partiality with respect to the Murdoch empire. Ironically Hunt's responsibility for this was transferred to him from Cable after the latter was foolish enough to reveal his antagonism. Unfortunately that's the end of the good news. 3. It was very embarrassing to hear Simon Hughes on Newsnight last night making a feeble defence of the government's economic policy, now further demonstrated to be damagingly destructive by the emergence of a double-dip recession,and to be trounced by both Dianne Abbott and Poly Toynbee. Since Simon is not in the government he above all is licensed to say "They have 306 MPs and we have only 57 and so, unfortunately we can only ameliorate, not stop, this madness."

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