Thursday 1 October 2020

Laurence Fox: what British values?

I regret that from 8 o'clock each evening I run out of energy,  stop trying to do useful things or think about serous matters and switch  to "comfort TV:"  mainly the re-runs of  Krimis on ITV3 or "Drama."  

My enjoyment of "Lewis" repeats has, however,been seriously diminished by the revelation that his side-kick, Sergeant Hathaway, in the series a decent chap, played by  Laurence Fox, has in real life  views seriously to the right of what the series portrays.

 Earlier  this week it was announced that Fox is to establish a new political party, with the working title of "Reclaim" which is to campaign for the restoration of British values.

 Some years ago when the then prime mister John Major ]was urging us to adopt British values  someone with a foreign sounding name wrote to the Guardian to ask which ones he’d  like them to adopt:

  •  putting their elderly people into care homes and forgetting about them;
  • the highest teenage pregnancy rate in Europe; 
  • or rampaging around the Continent shouting ‘two World Wars and one word cup’ while  vomiting into the gutters’?

These are a far cry form the values I imbued in my not very elevated boyhood reading of the works of such as W E Johns (Biggles etc) , Percy F Westerman (Scouts and Sea Cadets), and the weekly Wizards and Hotspurs.  In summary these comprised: loyalty, trustworthiness (My word is my bond); modesty rather than brashness; patriotism, but understated; and a penchant for the underdog.

These in turn are a far cry from those evidenced by our present leaders who proclaim their boats, lies, half-truths and false promises from lecterns flanked by Union flags.

 It will be interesting to know what values Laurence Fox would like his party to reclaim.


  1. Ah, I well remember the days when our modest, tolerant smiles helped prove that we were quietly superior to everyone else. This constant shouting about patriotism and superiority seems to suggest that we now have an inferiority complex.

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  2. Yes, the underlying theme was that we were better than anybody else (effortless superiority?) - we just didn't shout abut it. Now we seem to have gone into reverse:clearly making a bigger hash of most things than other countries but claiming that we're "world beating." Maturity would be to recognise that, on the whole, by and large and in the main, we're much like everyone-else, muddling through somehow.

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